Marc Dreier’s story

Marc Dreier was the founding partner of the New York law firm Dreier Stein and Kahan. At its peak in 2009 the firm was reportedly bringing in about $100 million in revenue. You might have heard of Marc Dreier if he had not been overshadowed by Bernie Madoff. But Dreier ran his own Ponzi scheme, cheating clients out of “only” $400 million. Prosecutors asked for a sentence of 145 years. Defense attorney requested a 20 year sentence. He got the shorter sentence.

Maybe you’ve wondered, like I have, what’s going through the minds of these people. Do they think they won’t get caught? Do they not care? Maybe they figure they’ll live it up while they can? Dreier’s letter to the judge in the case, prior to sentencing (downloadable here) might give some insight into Dreier’s state of mind. Some say this was just a way to get sympathy from the court (in which case it appears to have worked). To me it seems sincere. It definitely doesn’t excuse Dreier’s behavior, but it does possibly explain how such a successful man could end up in his situation and what was going on in his mind.

Multiprocessing CodeSuite-MP

Until now there were two ways of running really big jobs of CodeSuite. One was to simply run it and wait for as long as it took. Really large jobs can take as much as a week or two. The other option was to run the job on CodeGrid, our framework that distributes the job over a grid of networked computers. CodeGrid shows an almost linear speedup for each computer on the grid, but it requires someone to maintain the computers and the network and that can be a daunting job. Now there’s a third option;, CodeSuite-MP allows you to run multiple jobs on a single multicore computer. We’re seeing a near-linear speedup for the number of cores, and there’s no special maintenance required. We’re even seeing a near-linear speedup using virtual cores. If you want to get a license for CodeSuite-MP, contact our sales department.