CodeCross tool just released for detecting software IP theft and infringement

SAFE has just released a new tool for comparing computer code to detect copyright infringement and trade secret theft. CodeCross™ finds traces of nonfunctional source code that have been copied from one program to another.

According to Nikolaus Baer at Zeidman Consulting, a SAFE Corporation customer, “I suggested the concept of CodeCross after working on cases where stolen code had nonfunctional remnants in another party’s code. SAFE developed the tool quickly and it works great. In one case I found traces of copied code that had previously gone undetected.”

CodeCross is available with CodeSuite 3.2.0 and can be downloaded for free from the SAFE Corporation website.

2 thoughts on “CodeCross tool just released for detecting software IP theft and infringement”

    1. Hi Todd,

      I had heard of them, but I’ve never worked with them (or against them that I’m aware of). I don’t know what tools they use to help in their analysis, but the work can’t be done without some kind of analysis tools. Maybe they use CodeSuite? Analyzing code without an analysis tool, given the complexity of software code, would be like the FBI doing fingerprint matching without a database or a matching algorithm. In Sherlock Holmes’s day, when there were only a few dozen suspects including the butler and the maid, that was possible. Not now.


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