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Read all about the latest news regarding intellectual property, litigation, and S.A.F.E.

Latest Issue: June 2020


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April 2020 CodeSuite-AC (Academic Version) Released | S.A.F.E Wins Two Prestigious Awards
August 2018 CodeSuite 5.0 Released | Oracle v. Google: Protecting Software Development, Not Destroying It
May 2017 Getting Started in Consulting | You Invented It, Now Protect It! | Patent Litigation Tips
March 2017 Software Intellectual Property and Forensics with Bob Zeidman
February 2017 Facebook, Oculus, ZeniMax, and Nonliteral Copying of Code | Using Tools for Software Analysis in IP Litigation
October 2016 The $100,000 Zeidman Challenges | How do you protect your software intellectual property?
August 2016 Was DOS copied from CP/M?
July 2016 Did Microsoft copy CP/M to create MS-DOS? We'll know the truth on August 6
February 2016 The Truth about the FBI, Apple, the San Bernardino Terrorists, and Hacking an iPhone
January 2016 Why Libertarians Should Support a Strong Patent System
June 2015 SAFE Corporation Awarded Seventh Patent for CodeSuite® Software Forensics Tool
May 2015 Zeidman Award 2015
February 2015 SAFE Corporation Awarded Patent Number Six for its CodeSuite Software Forensics Tool
November 2014 Software Forensics: Objectively Proving Infringement or Misappropriation | Software Forensics: Qualifying Tools and Experts Who Use Them
October 2014 Patents, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A discussion of the role of patents in your company
September 2014 Software and Patents
July 2014 Was the Microsoft Empire Built on Stolen Goods? | CodeSuite Certified Consultants
April 2013 Just Enough Electronics to Impress Your Friends and Colleagues | Programming Languages Supported by CodeSuite
December 2012 S.A.F.E. Releases CodeSuite 4.7 | Vote for IP Watchdog
August 2012 Job Opening: Software Forensic Engineer | A Few Interesting Articles
July 2012 Be a Pioneer in the Field of Software Forensics
June 2012 Ways to Infringe a Patent | HTML Preprocessor Released
May 2012 Do Non-Practicing Entities Impede Progress?
February 2012 Parts of a Patent | CodeSuite 4.4 and CodeSuite-LT 1.2 Released
January 2012 Will Congress Break the Internet?
December 2011 World Intellectual Property Report 2011 | TreeHugger: A Windows Utility for Running Programs in a Directory Tree
November 2011 Patent Reform: The Big Guys Won, The Little Guys Lost | Zeidman Consulting is Hiring Computer Science Research Engineers
October 2011 Inventions Must be Novel and Nonobvious, Not Complex | Podcasts on Software Intellectual Property and Software Development
September 2011 Grocery Trolls and Civil Liberties
August 2011 Debunking da Vinci
July 2011 Guidelines for Lawyers Dealing with Experts
June 2011 Wikipedia: Reliable Reference or Biased Blathering?
May 2011 Do Patents Really Kill Innovation? | The Software IP Detective's Handbook
April 2011 IP Theft is Becoming the New Target for Cyberthieves | DocMatch Detects Plagiarism
March 2011 Is Googling Replacing Programming? | CodeMeasure is Now Free
February 2011 ADFSL 2011 Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law
January 2011 Zynga and CrowdStar, Copying or Coincidence? | SAFE introduces CodeSuite-LT®
December 2010 The Age of Copyright Trolls?
November 2010 Words to Fear: I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help
October 2010 Software Forensics Tools Enter the Courtroom | CodeScreener: Online Plagiarism Detection for Software
September 2010 Marc Dreier's Story | Multiprocessing CodeSuite-MP
August 2010 The DMCA Exemptions | The Untold History of Bob
July 2010

The Supreme Court Rules About Software Patents and Business Method Patents (Kind Of) | The Report Generator (RPG)

June 2010

Can Whitespace Patterns Provide Clues to Plagiarism? | CodeCLOC™

May 2010 The Value of Corporate Secrets | North Face v. South Butt | CodeMeasure™
April 2010 DUPE: Depository of Universal Plagiarism Examples | Computer Crash? No Problem!
March 2010 Once Again, Congress Considers Patent Reform
February 2010 Who Really Invented the Computer?
January 2010 What to Look For in an Expert? | Interesting Software IP Cases of 2009
December 2009 Trade Secrets vs. Patents | Looking for Great Ideas
November 2009 Software Trade Secrets | CodeSuite Certification Online
October 2009 Is Software (Really) Patentable? | The Best (Worst) Deposition Ever
September 2009 When is Reverse Engineering OK? | The Case of the Insane Expert
August 2009 Key Points About Software Copyrights | Isolating Files With FileIsolate—And It's Free!
July 2009 CodeSuite Certification Training
June 2009 Software Patents -- Good or Bad? | Filtering Your Results
May 2009 How Much is Your Software Worth? | Using CodeDiff and FileCount to Measure CLOC
April 2009 From Correlation to Copying | CodeGrid: The SAFE Corporation Supercomputer
March 2009 Just How Bad is IP Theft (Part 2)? | Is it truly unique? Search the Internet!
February 2009 Just How Bad is IP Theft? | Comparing Binaries
January 2009 Is Software Still Patentable? | CodeCross
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