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CodeSuite-LT® is a less expensive, limited version of the full CodeSuite tool. Each tool in the suite produces a readable report that can be used to find copying. The main tools that comprise this suite of tools are described below.

BitMatch Logo BitMatch®

BitMatch compares thousands of executable binary files in multiple directories and subdirectories to thousands of other executable binary files or source code files in order to determine which files are the most highly correlated. BitMatch is particularly useful for finding programs that have been copied, but where you only have access to the program executable binary files and not the source code.

CodeCross Logo CodeCross®

CodeCross cross-compares statements in one set of files to comments in the other set of files, and vice versa, in order to find code that has been commented out. CodeCross finds areas of source code that were used as guides to develop other source code; it finds signs of copying that CodeMatch can miss.

CodeDiff Logo CodeDiff®

CodeDiff compares thousands of source code files in multiple directories and subdirectories to find files that are exact matches or nearly exact matches. CodeDiff looks for identical lines in pairs of source code files. While not as sophisticated or as accurate as CodeMatch, CodeDiff runs much faster. CodeDiff is particularly useful for comparing files where it is already known that many of the files are nearly identical. CodeDiff can be run as a precursor to running CodeMatch when attempting to find source code plagiarism.

CodeMatch Logo CodeMatch®

CodeMatch compares thousands of source code files in multiple directories and subdirectories to determine which files are the most highly correlated. This can be used to significantly speed up the work of finding source code plagiarism, because it can direct the examiner to look closely at a small amount of code in a handful of files rather than thousands of combinations. CodeMatch is also useful for finding open source code within proprietary code, determining common authorship of two different programs, and discovering common, standard algorithms within different programs.

SourceDetective Logo SourceDetective®

SourceDetective considers each statement, comment, and identifier in common between two code bases and searches the Internet for references to each one. Any element found on the Internet is considered to be uninteresting and is filtered from the report leaving only those elements found in both code bases but nowhere else. SourceDetective must be used in conjunction with one of the other tools.

CodeSuite or CodeSuite-LT?

Which product is right for you? Click here for a table that compares the features of CodeSuite to those of CodeSuite-LT so you can choose the right solution.

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CodeSuite-LT can be purchased for unlimited use over a set period of time. Here's how to get your copy.

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