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Measure Intellectual Property Protection

Need to measure or track the changes in your software code?

You need CodeDiff, which uses the changing lines of code (CLOC) measure. A comparison of different versions of your source code will produce detailed statistics on the various ways your code has changed: which sections have changed the most and which have changed the least. This can be used during the development process for measuring the success of your development efforts. It can be used during testing to show you which sections of code have been the most troublesome and required repeated fixes. It can be used in litigation to show which sections of code are the most valuable with regard to development resources, or how much code from an original development effort has remained in subsequent versions.

SAFE Corporation's solution

CodeSuite provides the most accurate and efficient tools on the market for comparing source code versions to track changes. It is much more accurate and detailed than a version control system and much faster than a manual examination of code. Contact us if you need a recommendation of CodeSuite-certified experts to run CodeSuite and present results in court. We can also train attorneys and experts in various aspects of software intellectual property.

The CodeSuite advantages

  • Accurate and efficient
  • Accepted at peer-reviewed journals and conferences
  • De facto standard among IP law firms
  • Comprehensive solution
  • Successfully used in tax lawsuits
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