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CodeDiff compares thousands of source code files in multiple directories and subdirectories to find files that are exact matches or nearly exact matches. CodeDiff looks for identical lines in pairs of source code files. While not as sophisticated as CodeMatch, CodeDiff runs much faster. CodeDiff is particularly useful for comparing files where it is already known that many of the files are nearly identical. CodeDiff can be run as a precursor to running CodeMatch when attempting to find source code plagiarism.

CodeDiff Screen Shot

CodeDiff compares every file in one directory with every file in another directory, including all subdirectories if requested. CodeDiff produces a database that can then be exported to an HTML basic report that lists the most similar pairs of files based on matching lines of source code in the files. You can click on any particular pair listed in the HTML basic report see an HTML detailed report that shows the specific lines in the files that are different.

CodeDiff uses a fast, simple algorithm to find matching lines within different source code files. CodeDiff works for any programming language.

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