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Accurately Detect Software Trade Secret Theft

Suspect a party of stealing software trade secrets?

If you're not yet in court, you need BitMatch to compare your source code to the suspect's binary object code. BitMatch is the only tool on the market that can make such a comparison. Its results are not conclusive, but if you find evidence of copying significant, proprietary code, it can be enough to convince a judge to take the next step.

If you have the other party's source code, you need CodeMatch, the only tool that can accurately compare two sets of source code for copying. The results of a CodeMatch comparison that show correlation due to copying of significant, proprietary code has been the pivotal factor in many trade secret lawsuits.

Unfairly accused of stealing software trade secrets?

You need CodeMatch. A complete comparison of your source code to the other party's source code can prove that no copying occurred. With trade secrets, extra steps may be required, but CodeMatch is the first step in that process.

SAFE Corporation's solution

CodeSuite provides the most accurate and efficient tools on the market for comparing source code to find trade secret theft. Plaintiffs and defendant have been relying on CodeSuite for years. Contact us if you need a recommendation of CodeSuite-certified experts to run CodeSuite and present results in court. We can also train attorneys and experts in various aspects of software intellectual property.

The CodeSuite advantages

  • Accurate and efficient
  • Accepted at peer-reviewed journals and conferences
  • De facto standard among IP law firms
  • Comprehensive solution
  • Useful on source code and binary code
  • Successfully used in over 40 lawsuits
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